The Past

Walk Together developed in multicultural environments over 15 years to emerge with three key pillars: a philosophy called Mutual Ways, a development pathway called the Strategic Action Framework, and a unique Two-Way Monitoring and Review tool. Trialling and adjusting the completed program overtime, made us realise the focus had to be on what each culture needed to learn about other cultures.

As our pillars were being formulated and used in and across cultures, we realised we needed to also understand leadership and facilitation so we didn’t get involved with decisions. Instead we learned from observing, the need to facilitate people to come up with their own joint solutions, and lead the change themselves. That meant we had developed the skills necessary to show people what's needed to develop culturally responsive systemic change.

The Present

Our aspiration is to help people achieve the difference that they want to make.
What sets us apart from other programs is our ability to focus on, define and take people into a Between-World while developing and understanding the need to take people into areas like leadership and facilitation to develop intercultural competencies.

The Future

Our experiences show us that to establish the necessary leadership, facilitation and intercultural competencies required to make a real difference, inclusive of all cultures, systemic change is required.

If making a real difference is an aspiration you have Walk Together as a program and Walk Together intercultural facilitators offer guidance to achieve sustainable change by entering a Between World.

Individuals, groups and communities who work with WT are willing to enter a Between world where their values and ways of knowing and doing are supported and challenged, without losing the mana (integrity) of their own cultural identity.