To Work Together, Collaborate & Cooperate

Our translation of mahi-tahi is to work together, to collaborate and cooperate as one. It symbolises our purpose and way of operating and reflects a point of difference in the approaches we take, and in the processes we use to unlock potential which already exists within any group or person.

Our co-created sessions are delivered through Learning-by-Doing serve as a way of finding out more about potential Systemic Change, Leadership and Community-Led WT pathways.  People wanting to use Walk Together through these shorter sessions, are supported to communicate, collaborate, and to co-create outcomes, benefits and is a space to share stories through workshops, knowledge seminars as well as our new on-line learning options.

All sessions are co-created using the knowledge and skills participants bring with them. Connected artefacts, tools and ideas are generated from each workshop, and usually lead to next steps in any change agenda.  

Timeframe: Tailored to your needs (Minimum 1 Day)