Why is it needed: How systemic change is managed requires leadership to ensure all potential consequences and unintended consequences are considered. The basis for a leader’s consideration in those two areas is whether the systemic change will enhance the benefits and welfare of a maximum number in a community

How it Happens: We bring about systemic change through a journey of five sequential phases (Pre-readiness, Readiness, Planning, Implementation, Embedment) with four objectives to be attained in each phase. It requires a visionary leader who understands the process just described and is able to build a critical mass of people who are able to spread the vision and message to others.

What WT Offers Leaders: Leaders are offered the opportunity to understand the benefits and potential barriers to systemic change, as well as the skills, knowledge and ability to maximise the co-creation of benefits for a maximum number in a group.

Timeframe: 1-3 years