Changing Systems
One Cuppa at a Time

100,000 Cups of Tea

By asking ourselves 'what would the future would look like if systems were working for everyone', we can start to break down persistent challenges and barriers we experience when dealing with systemic change.

Our 100,000 Cups of Tea Campaign symbolises the power of collective sense-making. We value the humble cup of tea, for what it can facilitate as the time created for connected conversations and shared experiences.  

Through our mission and strategy of sharing 1,000, 10,000, and ultimately 100,000 cups of tea, we aim to connect people in order to begin to envision new possibilities for justice, equity, co-governance, shared decision-making, and more.

Check out our ideas and ways you can participate and walk with us below.


Weekly Yarning Sessions
Join us for our Weekly Yarning Sessions, happening every Monday at 1:00-1.30 pm NZ time.
Our goal is to create a welcoming space for discussion and storytelling, with themes, topics and sometimes no agenda, to guide our conversations.
We encourge your input as we explore different topics and challenges, and we invite you to share your own stories and ideas.
Whether you're looking to learn, connect, or simply unwind, our Yarning Sessions offer a chance to come together and engage in meaningful dialogue about things that matter to our communities and to you.
We look forward to sharing stories and insights with you. If you have any topics or questions you'd like us to explore, let us know. Add us to your calendars and feel to pop in to any weekly session.  

Host a Cuppa

Use Our Platform
We're excited to offer our platform as a free resource for hosting your one-off conversation or a series of connected ongoing conversations.
By participating in our mission, you'll be joining a community dedicated to having purposful dialgoue together.  
With each cuppa counted towards our goal, you'll be making a tangible impact on our shared mission to host 100,000 Cups of Tea.
If you would like to use our platform to have conversations, to count your cups of tea converseations and share in our global mission, follow the link above to book a time to yarn, and get some mutual dates sorted.  
We look forward to collaborating.  

Collective Voice

Upward Influence - Community-Led
Upward influence, community-led or 'from the roots up' is an often overlooked aspect of organizational development and systemic change. We want to help you tap into this potential by offering unique experiences through coordintated and facilitated Cups of Tea.  
An independent facilitator can support you to gather valuable insights and feedback from those in your organisation, community, collective or team. The collective voice as an artefact, and a valuable asset, can be used in an ongoing way, as a foundation for new beginnings, for strategic thinking and/or long-term visionary planning as examples.
Our sessions can take various forms, including small or large groups, whole organisaion, individual one-on-one time, or a mix-mode of online surveys, zoom and/or face-to-face cups of tea.
Book some time to have chat about what that could look like for your organisation, the process, and costings.  

The Inspiration Behind 100,000 Cups of Tea


'Maybe slow down. Maybe sit by a river and yarn more. Maybe, learn alot from yarning' - Old Man Frank




The inspiration for the goal to have 100,000 cups of tea comes from time spent living and working with Indigenous First Nations people in the ethereal red deserts of Central and Western Australia.

The idea of having cups of tea to strengthen relationships is not new, but using it as a deliberate, and consistent strategy was. It began when we were talking with the community about the best ways to yarn with families on school matters and to think about how to shift experiences for families and students who were disengaging and feeling unwelcome.

Listening to stories of the ways different language/family groups came to agreement, or would get communications across vast distances, the school adopted a system of communication where sitting and yarning about important matters, going to each family group to gather input, to be challenged, or to seek authority to commit was done through cups of tea.  

A positive momentum between the school and families began to build overtime and eventually it led to the creation of new roles, whose purpose was to sit, listen, share cups of tea, and co-construct two-way solutions, between the school, families, and stakeholders. We called this the Messenger Role.

The act of sharing a cup of tea became a powerful way to transform the way we approached our work, our partnership, and our relationships. More than just a simple gesture; it created important spaces for contemplation, reflection, coming to agreement and building relationships.  

There was criticism from those who did not understand what was occurring. Some would tell us, all you do is sit around having cups of tea all day, but in effect, we were enacting the ways of Walk Together between systems of the government, and systems of the community, and various language groups.  

This way of working led to innovative two-way concepts right across the schooling system, from a formal partnership agreement in place, to layers of co-governance where prioritising Language and Culture as one of three key strategies, led to; a Two-Way STEM Project, Bush Ranger Pathways, and the designing of a local Indigenous curriculum based on the seasonal calendar.

As we take this analogy and apply it to creating systems that work for everyone, we are reminded that slowing down and having considered, facilitated conversations is a value we can learn from Indigenous cultures. Instead of rushing to meet deadlines and outcomes, we planned and resourced strategic think-time, contemplation, and reflection through collaboration in ways that are connected.

100,000 Cups of Tea is a mission and an invitation to join a movement where slowing down is a value we can learn from Indigenous cultures about ways of sustaining systems.