Why it Matters: We define a community as a group of interconnected people, and can be grouped in ways suitable to context for example; geographically, socially, culturally, religiously or in other ways including any combination. Walk Together, under our philosophy of Mutual Ways with our principles, focus attention on achieving community led and negotiated co-created decisions.

How it is Achieved: A community led-process will bring together different groups with different values, needs and purposes into a Between World. The starting point under Walk Together, however, is to be in separate groups, each with their own leader/s, to clarify their values, needs and purposes before negotiations in the Between World commence. Regular meetings are essential to achieve outcomes, no matter how small, but between those meetings, participants from each group and its leader/s return to each one’s cultural group or world. It's not about changing your own culture to adapt, rather to flow between cultures, to be in the inter-cultural Between World.

What is the Outcome: The outcomes will be sets of co-created, negotiated goals, strategies and roles to achieve what a community defines will be mutually beneficial for all, irrespective of cultures.